The Importance of Data in Business:
How to Power Up Your Strategy

Basic Product Plan Business Data Analytics

Basic Product Price Status

Data Plays a critical role in decision-making. Without data, business decisions are

  1. Inefficient
  2. Misdirected
  3. Non Measurable
  4. Short Sighted
  5. Person Driven

Data Plan For Business

Start using data to power up your business to get more results from fewer efforts.
NumberData Analytics Fro Business How to use-
1Sales DataUse to Find Sales growth product-wise and location wise
2Purchase DataUse for find out the cost of raw materials and use for reducing the cost of production
3Profit DataUse to find out Product and Business are profitable or not
4Marketing DataUse to Find out Customer Acquition Cost
5Customer DataUse Customer feedback for product improvement
6Investment DataUse for Calculation of Return on Investment
7Market DataUse it to find out What competitors are offering and the Market Prices of the Product
8Inventory Data Use to Find out Effective Inventory Management
9Financial DataFinancial Planning and Cash Flow Management
10Tax DataUse for Tax Planning

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